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Team & Partners

The EF+Math community is over 200 people strong and includes a diverse, multi-disciplinary group who bring extensive experience in education, learning science, math equity and math learning, digital technology and innovation.

Program Executive Team

Adam Smith

Associate Director, Inclusive R&D Partnerships

Asha Lane

Executive Assistant

Aubrey Francisco

Executive Director (EF+Math)

Debbra Lindo

Superintendent in Residence; Educator Leadership Council

Gabriela Rivera

Senior Manager, R&D Partnerships

Jennifer Wolfe

Strategic Communications Consultant

Karen Douglas

Advisor, Research & Evaluation

Megan Brunner

Associate Director, Research & Learning

Megan Siedman

Manager, R&D Partnerships

Michelle Tiu

Director, Strategy & Impact

Rebecca Merkley

Executive Functions Consultant

Program Advisory Board

Previously, EF+Math had several different advisory groups, including the Educator Leadership Council (ELC), Equity Research Advisory Board (ERA), and other experts. These groups were valuable in supporting EF+Math’s centering of equity, educator voice, and inclusive research and development. The ELC helped with program design and helped to launch our program from its beginning. We centered their voices in our collaborations with our Project Teams. As EF+Math moves into the evaluation phase of its work, these groups have merged into the PAB. We are thankful to everyone who has supported our team and helped make our work stronger and more equitable.

Aimee Penn

Educator Leadership Council

Amy Allen

Educator Leadership Council

Bea Moore-Luchin

Crystal Menzies

Curtis Taylor

Educator Leadership Council

Diana Leyva

Jeannette Franklin

Educator Leadership Council

Jennifer Davis

Educator Leadership Council

Josh Stewart

Joshua Taton

Educator Leadership Council

Lawrence Ke Xu

Educator Leadership Council

Luis Torres

Educator Leadership Council

Maria Benzon

Educator Leadership Council

Maxim Vickerie

Educator Leadership Council

Melynee Naegele

Educator Leadership Council

Pedro Rodriguez

Educator Leadership Council

Rose Kendrick

Educator Leadership Council

Sofia Guerrero

Educator Leadership Council

Stephen Aguilar

Teya Rutherford

Tyron Young

Educator Leadership Council

Yesmi Rios

Educator Leadership Council


American Institutes for Research (AIR)
AIR’s mission is to generate and use rigorous evidence that contributes to a better, more equitable world. Our partners at AIR bring deep expertise in mathematics education, implementation and evaluation of educational products, educational technology, and iterative research methodologies. The AIR team is conducting evaluations of our R&D team prototypes and working in partnership with the EF+Math community to engage in inclusive evaluation processes that serve students and teachers. Our AIR partners include: Toni Smith, Ryan Williams, Tiffini Pruitt-Britton, Bo Zhu, and their team.

Digital Promise
Digital Promise’s mission is to accelerate innovation in education to improve opportunities to learn. Through their Inclusive Innovation model, they create and catalyze equitable opportunities for under-resourced and under-represented communities to lead, participate in and benefit from education innovation through equity-centered R&D. Their team brings expertise in co-design, community and school district engagement in R&D, program and product development, math learning science and professional development. Our Digital Promise partners include: Kim Smith, Jenny Bradbury, and Tyron Young.

Additional Advisors

Cameron White, Strategic Consultant
Partner at NewSchools Venture Fund

David Dockterman, Product Design and Development Consultant
Lecturer at Harvard Graduate School of Education

Imani Goffney, Equity in Action Consultant
Assistant Professor at University of Maryland College of Education

Jeremy Roschelle, Math and Learning Sciences Consultant
Executive Director of Learning Sciences Research at Digital Promise

Melina Uncapher, Founder and Scientific Advisor
Assistant Professor and Director of Education at the University of California San Francisco


We are grateful for the partnership and expertise of our colleagues in this work who have transitioned to other personal and professional ventures. While they are no longer with us in our day to day operations, we want to acknowledge their role and impact on our Program.

Kai Ivory
Former Associate Director, District Partnerships

Zoe D’Esposito
Former Senior Program Manager

Arati Prabhakar
Former Program Strategy Consultant

Rose Else-Mitchell
Former Product Development Consultant

David Niemi
Former Evaluation Consultant

Nancy Poon Lue
Former Chief Operations Officer

Kysie Miao
Former Educator Engagement Lead

Dana Miller-Cotto
Former Equity Research Advisory Board Manager

Matin Abdel-Qawi
Educator Leadership Council Emeritus

Gabriela Cardenas
Educator Leadership Council Emeritus

Ayesha Hunter
Educator Leadership Council Emeritus

Karin Leifeld
Inclusive R&D Advisor

JoeAnn Nguyen
Former Equity Research Advisory Fellow

Amber Gardner
Former Educator Leadership Council Consultant

Thaly Germain
Former Equity by Design Consultant

Shahara Ahmed
Former Educator Engagement Fellow

Alex Vazquez
Former Operations & Grants Manager

Kristen Fuller
Former Grants and Contracts Consultant

Lynn Olson
Former Communications Consultant

HJ Habte
Educator Leadership Council Emeritus

Cheryl James-Ward
Educator Leadership Council Emeritus

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