AERDF honored as one of Fast Company’s 2024 World Changing Ideas



Our Advanced Inclusive Research and Development (R&D) programs are designed to learn what works with Black and Latino learners and students experiencing poverty, while creating bold PreK-12 solutions — practices, methods, prototypes, and tools — for the quality learning all students deserve.

We share the insights we identify from these impactful teaching and learning solutions, so learners across the country — in and outside the classroom — can thrive.

Assessment for Good transforms educational assessments by creating asset-based, culturally relevant tools enhanced with technology. 

EF+Math improves math outcomes by strengthening executive functioning skills that manage our attention, thoughts, emotions, and behavior.

Reading Reimagined develops foundational literacy skills in students who need on-going support tailored to their developmental stage.

AERDF’s AdvancEd Fellowship propels courageous and curious leaders to grow world-changing ideas with the support and mentorship of a wide network of industry leaders.

AERDF's Programs Are Developed Through an Advanced Inclusive R&D Approach

Inspired by the US federal government’s Advanced Research Projects Agency or ARPA initiatives that already exist in defense, health, energy, we ground our approach in Advanced R&D and the science of learning.

Through focused, shorter cycles of innovation with clear, ambitious goals, AERDF brings together learners, educators, researchers, developers, and others from the beginning and throughout this process to find solutions to pressing education challenges.

This approach provides the opportunity for educators, learners, and caregivers who are most impacted day to day in and outside of classrooms to co-create the best solutions to support students. 

Together, we combine the two approaches to form our AERDF model: Advanced Inclusive R&D.

Through partnerships and “bridges” in the ecosystem, we bring our generalizable knowledge, insights, and solutions into the real world for others to carry forward and take to scale.

The result: scientific discovery and inventions of major breakthroughs that benefit PreK-12 teaching, learning, and assessment systems.

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