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Karin Leifeld

Associate Director, Educator Engagement

Karin Leifeld, Ed.D., is the Associate Director of Educator Engagement at AERDF. She leads inclusive collaborations with educators, students, and community members within AERDF’s Inclusive R&D ecosystem. She was a founding member of the EF+Math Program, where she previously served as the Educator Co-Design Manager, leading educator engagement strategy, managing district partnerships, and managing the Educator Leadership Council. She currently works with all AERDF programs to support their educator engagement efforts. She brings deep experience in mathematics education, educator and researcher partnerships, and professional development. Before joining EF+Math, she was the Assistant Director for Math Programs at the Center for Science and Math Education at Loyola University Chicago, where she developed programs and partnerships to improve math education. She began her career as a math teacher in Camden, NJ and has served as an instructional coach in Philadelphia schools and as a school district administrator in Beloit, WI. She earned her Ed.D. in Curriculum & Instruction/Math Education from Temple University, where her research focused on the use of examples in learning algebra, mathematical flexibility, and the benefits of research partnerships on instructional change in math classrooms. She currently lives just outside of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

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