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Become an EF+Math District Partner

School districts are our critical partners in developing, implementing and improving math learning approaches for grades 3-8 that recognize the mathematical brilliance of Black and Latinx students and students of all races experiencing poverty. Please consider joining us.

Opportunity to Participate in Inclusive Evaluation in partnership with the American Institutes for Research (AIR)

We are currently recruiting districts to participate in EF+Math’s Inclusive Evaluation as part of its current phase of work. We are looking to partner with districts serving predominantly Black and Latino students and students of all races experiencing poverty. This opportunity provides:

  • Teachers and students can participate in an inclusive evaluation study
  • Free access to new math learning approaches, including free access to teacher training and all materials
  • Opportunities to participate in an educator advisory board to guide research strategy and cointerpret study results and findings
  • Participation includes compensation for teachers and district staff for time spent on study activities

Read additional opportunity details, Or submit this form directly and indicate you are interested in EF+Math.

Benefits of working with EF+Math

As an EF+Math District Partner, your district will have access to a fully funded math learning approach that has demonstrated early success in improving students’ math achievement. And, you can provide educators and leaders in your district with unique funded professional development to support teacher and teacher leader capacity to implement and help improve these learning approaches. 

EF+Math’s Inclusive R&D model offers the following benefits for educators and students:

  • Access to innovative, research-informed, culturally relevant math learning approaches that have been developed and tested with students and teachers
  • Professional development on equity-centered instruction, executive function (EF) skills, and best practices for math instruction
  • Connections to a community of 200+ educators, researchers, designers and developers with expertise in math teaching and learning, EF, equity, product development, assessment, research methods and more
  • Potential to increase student achievement and improve students’ experiences with mathematics learning
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