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Yesmi Rios

Educator Leadership Council

Yesmi Rios is a K-12 Coordinator of English Language Learner Services in a school district that serves over 55,000 English Language Learners. Previously, she coordinated translation and transcript services for 350 plus K-12 grade schools, and collaborated closely with the district’s math department to bring about major improvements in student outcomes. Until she moved to Las Vegas in 2005, she served as a high school administrator, a teacher mentor, a Math Department Chair, a Director of Technology in a construction management firm, a math lecturer at various universities, and a math migrant education teacher consultant of school districts in Northern California. Rios has received awards from professional associations and school districts for her commitment and contributions to education. In 2010, the Hispanic Scholarship Fund awarded her the Altruistic award and inducted her into the national HSF Alumni Hall of Fame. Rios earned her undergraduate degrees in math and Spanish from the University of California, Davis, a master’s degree in education administration from San Francisco State University, a master’s degree in education in math from Harvard University, and completed a Doctorate in Education, Policy, Leadership, and Change from Walden University.

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