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From The Lab To A Career In An Education Non-profit


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Nature Reviews Psychology spoke with Research & Development Scientist Dr. Lauren D. Kendall Brooks about her journey from a postdoctoral research associate to a research scientist with Assessment For Good.

“My main charge is keeping the science strong in our programme: making sure the decisions that we make are scientifically solid and pushing the field forward…Our stakeholders are Black and/or Latinx students ages 8–13 years, educators, and caregivers. I wanted to be able to directly impact communities in need in a timely manner.”

We are proud of Research and Development Scientist Lauren D. Kendall Brooks, PhD for Assessment for Good, one of our Inclusive R&D programs at Advanced Education Research and Development Fund (AERDF). Thank you to Teresa Schubert at Nature Reviews Psychology for interviewing Dr. Kendall Brooks about her journey from the lab to a career with us in education R&D.

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