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About us

The Advanced Education Research & Development Fund (“AERDF” pronounced air-diff) is a collaborative, inclusive community that discovers breakthroughs in teaching and learning through advanced R&D for PreK–12 Black and Latino learners, and all experiencing poverty across the country.

Our Inclusive, advanced R&D programs catalyze scientific discovery and invention of powerful PreK-12 tools, insights, and solutions that further the brilliance of learners and support a robust education R&D ecosystem. 

What we do

We build ambitious, inclusive three to five year programs with educators, researchers and developers, aimed at tackling major and persistent teaching and learning challenges. 

Our current three programs are focused on math, formative assessment, and reading. Each builds on existing community-driven evidence and expertise and rigorous learning science to translate fundamental insights into scientific insights, valuable practices, equitable approaches, and transformative tools for education practitioners and students. 

Our Approach

We are advancing inclusive R&D in education while building learning solutions for the quality education students deserve. And, because we know the evidence behind why these solutions work, we know they can be impactful nationwide.

In our approach, diverse teams of learners, educators, researchers, product developers, learning science specialists, and caregivers all bring their particular perspectives and expertise to co-design solutions.

Our Story

Our story started in 2018 with a vision to address systemic inequities in PreK-12 education, primarily affecting learners who identify as Black and Latino in addition to all who are experiencing poverty. The goal was to demonstrate an approach to reduce the time it takes to translate research into breakthrough practices, programs, and solutions that better recognize the brilliance within every student and support them to achieve their full potential.

In 2019, we gathered insights through a Request for Information, focus groups, and surveys, seeking solutions to persistent educational challenges. The ideas submitted by many educators, researchers, and developers, among other experts, covered a broad range of subject areas. 


Our first program began with EF+Math, led by educational neuroscientist Dr. Melina Uncapher, targeting innovative math learning systems that strengthen executive function skills. Next, Assessment for Good, under Dr. Temple Lovelace, focused on developing dynamic, identity-affirming formative assessments. Our third program, Reading Reimagined, guided by Rebecca Kockler, aims to increase reading fluency and comprehension.

Looking ahead, AERDF will continue to support innovative research and development programs to expand possibilities in student learning and opportunities.

Our Privacy Protections and Commitment to Safeguarding Data

We are guided by the tenet that all information worth collecting is worth protecting. Our key policies can be found here.

To learn more about our privacy protections and receive a copy of the Policies and Procedures, please contact us at

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