AERDF honored as one of Fast Company’s 2024 World Changing Ideas

Temple Lovelace

Executive Director (Assessment for Good)

Temple S. Lovelace is the Executive Director for Assessment for Good. Assessment for Good grew out of a commitment to transforming the role of assessment in the lives of Black and Latinx learners, so that it is identity-affirming, responsive, and honors the continuum of their development. Before joining AERDF, Temple was an Associate Professor of Special Education at Duquesne University and in 2018 launched eXiLab, a cooperative incubator for emancipatory research and development that focuses on advancing equitable learning opportunities that are accessible to learners across a variety of contexts. Her research is centered on the intersection of disability, race, and gender with particular interest in creating innovative, culturally-affirming supports for Black neurodiverse girls. Her recent research has examined the use of ecobehavioral assessment and technology as a means to identify and ameliorate environmental risk factors that lead to the overrepresentation of Black learners in exclusionary school spaces. She received her Ph.D. in Special Education from The Ohio State University.

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