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Supraja Narayanaswamy

Director of Data and Research

In her role as Director of Data and Research, Supraja Narayanaswamy leads the team to plan and execute on research, evaluation and strategic learning for whole-child education initiatives at the Center for Whole-Child Education. She works to ensure that research and data inform all program functions and are used to continuously improve CWCE’s tools, services and impact. Supraja also manages key organizational measurement tools that measure school context and student well-being with the goal of creating a more equitable, personalized, and attuned education system through measurement. She is responsible for building and sustaining research relationships with diverse stakeholders including school partners, research partners, funders and partner organizations. Supraja joined CWCE in 2018.

She has over 8 years of applied research and policy experience in India and U.S. Prior to joining CWCE, Supraja worked at an education innovation organization in India aimed at mobilizing school and policy partners to implement a curricular reform targeted at developing the whole child in the Indian education system. For three years, she was the city head of Becoming I Foundation, a nonprofit aimed at providing support and services to improve equity in educational opportunity and achievement in underserved schools and communities in urban India. Supraja holds an M.Ed. in international education policy from the Harvard Graduate School of Education. She also holds a B.A. in economics from Stella Maris College in Chennai, a coastal city in the south of India, where she hails from.

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