EF+Math Program releases new Insights Report

Marian Dingle

Marian Dingle is the Community Engagement Manager for Assessment for Good. In her role, she leads the program’s external strategic partnerships along with the Deputy Program Director, co-leads the national advisory council and creates role-alike and role-diverse professional development experiences that strengthen the emancipatory praxis of the R & D community. Marian joins us from Atlanta, Georgia, where she has been a veteran elementary educator for over two decades, passionately advocating for marginalized students and families. As a Heinemann Fellow, she researched the ways in which positive cultural identity affects student confidence, efficacy, and academic performance. Marian speaks nationally about culturally responsive teaching and her articles have been published in Mathematics Teacher: Learning and Teaching PK-12, Learning For Justice Magazine, and EdWeek. She received her B.S. in economics from the University of California, Riverside, and her M.A.T. from Emory University.