AERDF honored as one of Fast Company’s 2024 World Changing Ideas


Our Funded Projects and Teams

We seek to dramatically improve math outcomes for students in grades 3-8, particularly Black and Latinx students and students of all races experiencing poverty – by strengthening the core assets every student has – executive function (EF) skills.

Our Funded Projects and Teams

EF+Math funds two types of project teams: Prototyping and Applied Research. Prototyping teams are developing math learning approaches that embed EF skill-building opportunities within equitable, high-quality math content and instruction. Applied Research teams are developing technical capacities that boost math learning prototypes’ effectiveness by making student learning visible and guiding actionable next steps for learning. They are being tested in the Prototyping math learning approaches and are designed to work across multiple learning approaches, including those that already exist. All EF+Math project teams are partnering with educators who specialize in working with Black and Latinx students and students experiencing poverty, including our District Co-Design Partners and our Educator Leadership Council, who provide important guidance and input into the projects.

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