AERDF is seeking a new program executive director to prove the impossible in education »

Coming Soon!

Coming soon: a tremendous opportunity for fearless leaders enthusiastic to create multigenerational change in our education ecosystem.

We believe that it will take bold action to address some of the deepest rooted inequities in our nation’s education system.

We invite you to be bold with us.

  • Are you a researcher who has a vision for scientific discoveries beyond what a single lab can do?
  • Are you an educator who sees the breakthroughs needed to unlock the potential of every learner?
  • Are you a builder or developer that has an idea for social impact bigger than any one product?
  • Are you a leader that will stop at nothing to challenge and change the inequitable status quo that currently exists in PreK-12 education?

AERDF will soon be opening up our search for an audacious leader who will be the Executive Director of our next 4-5 year Advanced Inclusive R&D initiative to change the future of education.


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