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AERDF Board Member Role Description


AERDF has openings for new members to begin service on the Board on a rolling basis starting in January 2022. The Board sees this as an opportunity to add new expertise, perspectives, and relationships in support of AERDF’s mission. 

If you would like to recommend someone, please follow this link.


The Board is charged with the roles and responsibilities listed below. As a small startup board, members collaborate across each of these main areas. Board leadership positions and committee structures are still in formation. However, based on their particular background and area(s) of expertise, each member is expected to contribute to specific initiatives within the overall set of responsibilities. 

Board responsibility areas include:


  • Advising on and approving AERDF’s overall strategic direction
  • Approving governance/policy decisions related to our mission and operating and financial models
  • Providing key input to developing new program areas 

External Relations: 

  • Serving as an advocate and supporter of the organization and each of its programs
  • Providing input and support for broader field building initiatives
  • Promoting partnerships and facilitating introductions where appropriate
  • Supporting external engagement, communication, and advocacy efforts with key education leaders, research leaders and funders 


  • Ensuring great leadership at AERDF and within its programs
  • Recruiting, appointing, and advising the CEO, including conducting a regular CEO evaluation and overseeing succession planning
  • Attracting, appointing, assessing, and retaining qualified Board members and leadership
  • Serving on key board committees and ad hoc working groups
  • Participating in board performance assessments 


  • Advising and monitoring organizational finances
  • Reviewing and approving AERDF’s recommended annual operating budget  
  • Reviewing and approving each program’s overall (three to five year) budget 
  • Overseeing fiscal policies and ensuring sound fiscal management


  • Monitoring organizational performance
  • Holding the CEO accountable for strategic, operational, and financial performance against relevant metrics 
  • Approving and reviewing top-level organizational annual objectives and key results (OKRs)

Risks and Opportunities: 

  • Setting AERDF’s risk profile
  • Advising on a full range of risks and opportunities  (reputational, operational, strategic and financial) in partnership with the CEO and executive team



Board members must have a clear, demonstrated commitment, as well as a strong track record of results in their professional and/or personal lives, that aligns with AERDF’s mission and goals. Members should be willing to make the individual commitment needed to fulfill Board roles and responsibilities. 

Broadly speaking, the Board seeks candidates who are thoughtful and collaborative and who are stimulated by sharing ideas and debating different approaches to difficult challenges. Candidates who have backgrounds and/or expertise in the following areas are strongly preferred:

  • Experience in classrooms, schools and communities, working directly with students, educators, and families
  • Expertise in one or more areas of research and learning science, with a particular focus on translating insights into useful practices and supports for students, teachers, parents, and caregivers
  • Experience in workplaces and/or governing boards that are committed to diversity, equity, and inclusion
  • Understanding of education policy at the local, state, and/or federal level
  • Broad understanding of curriculum and education technology markets, especially with awareness of how and why they have failed to provide equitable and effective learning supports for students

In addition, the Board has a very strong commitment to maintaining a diverse membership that reflects the diversity of our priority students and seeks to bring in new Board members who can help diversify its board in the following areas: race and ethnicity, generational, gender, political affiliation, and geographic location within the US.

Board participation is on a volunteer basis and is not compensated. Conversely, Board members are not required or expected to provide personal financial support to the organization.  


National. Board members can be based anywhere in the US. The board currently meets virtually.


For logistical support/questions or additional Information, reach out to us at info@aerdf.org and we’ll make sure the right person from our team connects with you.